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When copying references for reports, remember to change the date of access.


Online Articles

Ellison, Brent (2008). Defining Dialogue Systems. Available at: [6 October 2009]

Dmitri Williams, Nicole Martins, Mia Consalve, James D Ivory. (2009). The virtual census: representation of gender, race and age in video games. Available at [6 October 2009]

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Stern, Andrew. (1999). Emotions in Humans & Artifiacts. Available at: [8 October 2009]

PDF Files

Lankoski, Petri. (2007). Goals, Affects, and Empathy in Games. Available at: [8 October 2009]


Katherine Isbister (2006). Better Game Characters By Design: A Psycologocial Approach. San Fransisco: Elsevier.

Lee Sheldon (2004). Character Development for Game. Boston: Thomson Course Technology.

Youtube Videos (add to media page) (2009). Busting the Mehrabian Myth. Available at
[9 October 2009]

Offline Articles

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