Meeting - Wednesday October 14th 2009

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Team Saturn Meeting

Date of meeting: 14th October 2009

Attendees: Richard Allsop, Ross Mackenzie, Lloyd Curtis.

Luke Stephenson transcribing.

- Luke didn’t attend due to illness.
- Reviewed tasks and points from Sunday’s meeting.
- Discuss possible titles at next meeting.
- Reviewed points brought up with Claire and Amanda on Tuesday, and last Friday’s meeting with Brian and Phil.
- We need to look at citeseer, Google Scholar etc.
- Luke to continue with general research, perhaps narrow it down.
- Lloyd to look at the differences between dialogue delivery and text delivery. Richard’s friend Paul has done some work in this area, ask him for research.
- Ross looking into other media’s reasons for killing off characters, research into humans fear of death relating to emotional bonding etc.
- Richard to complete project plan, draft e-mails to developers, research & xeo-design etc.
- Wiki pages for developers we are researching discussed as a possibility.

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