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Wikipedia cheatsheet

Read this Wikipedia Cheatsheet


This is one of the most important bits to do! Categories are going glue the whole thing together. To add your article to a category simply add the following text into your article:

[[Category: Test category]]
  • Categories are case sensitive
  • If an article needs to be a member of more than one category, simply add multiple category entries
  • You can check the current existing categories by clicking the categories link on the left


To do an internal link simply enclose the target page title and description (separated by the pipe character) in double square brackets.

  1. It doesn't matter if the page doesn't exist yet
    1. If the page doesn't exist it will be added to the "Needed Articles" link on the left
    2. If you click on the link it will offer to edit it for you

To do an external link simply enclose the link and description (separated by a space) in square brackets.



[[Disk image with dd|Copy a hard drive with dd]]

Copy a hard drive with dd


[ telanova website]

telanova website

Lists (bullet or numbered)

To do a list, prefix each item with a * or #. A * does a bullet list, a # does a numbered list.



*Item 1
*Item 2
**Item 2.1
**Item 2.2
*Item 3
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
    • Item 2.1
    • Item 2.2
  • Item 3


#Item 1
#Item 2
##Item 2.1
##Item 2.2
#Item 3
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
    1. Item 2.1
    2. Item 2.2
  3. Item 3

Using code blocks

Code blocks are useful to show commands entered into the console or for actual code...

# here is some sample code
cp /home/test /home/test2
cat /home/test2

To use a code block, enclose your code with the "pre" tag:

# here is some sample code
cp /home/test /home/test2
cat /home/test2


See this link: Mediawiki tables help

See this link for auto generation: Excel to table converter

Special pages

Adding Google search

Add the code <google></google> wherever you would like the search box

See Extension:Google

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