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Written by Luke   
Monday, 01 March 2010 03:47

Well the team met up yesterday to compile scripting work that we had all done for the artefact. Each of us had taken one or two scenarios to create scripts, conversations and animations for et cetra. To be honest there was quite a lot that needed fixing and re-scripting with a few of the modules people had done. Mine, for example was pretty rubbish as my test characters kept getting killed by the enemy I had spawn in as part of the scenario! But when one of us isn't too good at an area the others in the team are doing a good job in picking up the slack, so after a long old meeting we got everything done that needed to be done. Ross and Lloyd also put together the milestone presentation that we'll be giving this week.

The next step is to test and refine the functionality of the artefact, both within the team and with people we know that we wont be using as subjects in the testing phase. We're still working out the exact timings but most likely I'd say this will take up a week or two before we're ready to get stuck in and think about moving onto the testing phase.


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